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South Australia

Fire and Emergency Services (Governance) Amendment Bill 2020


An Act to amend the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005



Part 1—Preliminary

1Short title


3Amendment provisions

Part 2—Amendment of Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005

4Amendment of section 3—Interpretation

5Amendment of section 11—Constitution of Board

6Amendment of section 14—Proceedings

7Amendment of section 71E—Annual reports

8Amendment of section 101—Annual reports

The Parliament of South Australia enacts as follows:

Part 1—Preliminary

1—Short title

This Act may be cited as the Fire and Emergency Services (Governance) Amendment Act 2020.


This Act comes into operation on a day to be fixed by proclamation.

3—Amendment provisions

In this Act, a provision under a heading referring to the amendment of a specified Act amends the Act so specified.

Part 2—Amendment of Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005

4—Amendment of section 3—Interpretation

Section 3(1), definition of appointed member—delete "section 11(1)(e)" and substitute:

section 11(1)

5—Amendment of section 11—Constitution of Board

Section 11(1)(a)—delete paragraph (a) and substitute:

(a) the presiding member, being a member appointed by the Governor who is not an officer, member or employee of an emergency services organisation; and

(ab) the person for the time being holding the position of Chief Executive of the Commission under Division 4; and

6—Amendment of section 14—Proceedings

Section 14(1)—delete "(and this person must be an ex officio member of the Board)"

7—Amendment of section 71E—Annual reports

(1) Section 71E—delete "SACFS" and substitute:

the Minister

(2) Section 71E—after its present contents as amended by this section (now to be designated as subsection (1)) insert:

(2) The Minister must, within 12 sitting days after receiving a report under this section, have copies of the report laid before both Houses of Parliament.

8—Amendment of section 101—Annual reports

Section 101(2)(ab)—delete paragraph (ab)


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