AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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ADOPTION REGULATIONS 2006 (S.R. 2006, NO. 147)

- (S.R. 2006, NO. 147)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2 - Approved Agencies

   4.      Prescribed information contained in applications for approval of
           adoption agencies
   5.      Notification of changes to prescribed information
   6.      Principal officers and other staff of approved agencies
   7.      Approved agencies to provide services and facilities
   8.      Principal officers to keep records of adoptions
   9.      Inspection of records by Secretary
   10.     Approved agencies to forward returns to Secretary
   11.     Publication of approval of approved agencies

   PART 3 - Adoption Process Division 1 - Overview of Adoption Process

   12.     Overview of adoption process

           Division 2 - Assessment of Person's Suitability to Adopt

   13.     Applications for assessment of suitability to adopt
   14.     Applications for assessment of suitability to adopt by natural
           relative, &c.
   15.     Acceptance of suitability applications
   16.     Register of accepted applicants

           Division 3 - Assessment and Approval of Accepted Applicants

   17.     Preparation of assessment reports
   18.     Prescribed requirements

           Division 4 - Approval of Prospective Adoptive Parents

   19.     Approval of prospective adoptive parents
   20.     Revocation of approval as prospective adoptive parents
   21.     Term of approval as prospective adoptive parents
   22.     Extension of term of approval as prospective adoptive parents

   PART 4 - Consent to Adoptions

   23.     Prescribed forms of consent
   24.     Taking and witnessing of consents
   25.     Information to be given to consenting persons
   26.     Acceptance of consents in accordance with Form 5
   27.     Applications to dispense with consent

   PART 5 - Placement of Child

   28.     Requirements for placement of child
   29.     Placement of child with prospective adoptive parents
   30.     Duties where no placement of child

   PART 6 - Financial Assistance

   31.     Child of a prescribed class

   PART 7 - Adoption Orders

   32.     Applications for adoption orders
   33.     Documents to be filed with applications for adoption orders
   34.     Notification of applications for adoption orders
   35.     Adoption orders, certificates of adoption and interim orders
   36.     Supplementary procedures
   37.     Memorandums of adoption orders, &c.
   38.     Registering officers in other States or in Territories

   PART 8 - Miscellaneous

   39.     Applications for, and certificates as to, counselling, &c.
   40.     Fees for adoption services
   41.     Exemptions from payment of fees
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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