AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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- (S.R. 2020, NO. 4)


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Storage systems to which regulations do not apply
   5.      Declaration of groundwater protection zones
   6.      Sampling and analysis
   7.      Provision of testing, monitoring and assessment services
   8.      Infrastructure owners and system operators

   PART 2 - Installation, Use, Repair and Replacement of Storage

   9.      Storage systems generally
   10.     New storage systems
   11.     Replacement and repair of certain components of storage systems
   12.     Abandoned storage system not to be allowed to be in use

   PART 3 - Loss Monitoring and Leak Investigation

   13.     Loss monitoring for storage systems other than small storage systems
   14.     Loss monitoring for small storage systems
   15.     Interstitial monitoring
   16.     Leak investigation
   17.     Leak-related actions

   PART 4 - Monitoring Wells Division 1 - Monitoring wells generally

   18.     Interpretation of Division
   19.     Specifications for monitoring wells
   20.     Decommissioning of monitoring wells
   21.     Light non-aqueous phase liquid contamination

           Division 2 - Monitoring wells in groundwater protection zones

   22.     Application of Division
   23.     Required number and location of groundwater-monitoring wells
   24.     Installation of groundwater-monitoring wells for existing storage
           systems in new groundwater protection zones
   25.     Installation of groundwater-monitoring wells for new storage systems
           in existing groundwater protection zones
   26.     Sampling and analysis of groundwater on installation
   27.     Reports on installation
   28.     Scrutiny, sampling and analysis of wells in groundwater protection

   PART 5 - Environmental Site Assessments

   29.     Environmental site assessments
   30.     Notice to landowner
   31.     Landowners to advise purchasers of ongoing environmental site
   32.     Report to Director

   PART 6 - Decommissioning of Storage Systems Division 1 -
   Decommissioning of storage system

   33.     Application of Division
   34.     Cessation of use
   35.     Temporary decommissioning of storage system
   36.     Permanent decommissioning of storage system
   37.     Decommissioning of abandoned storage system

           Division 2 - Further assessment and reporting

   38.     Further assessment of decommissioned storage system
   39.     Review of decommissioning assessment report

   PART 7 - Record-keeping

   40.     Keeping of records when storage system in use, &c.
   41.     Certain records to be kept for 10 years from date of creation
   42.     Records to be delivered to landowner when storage system
   43.     Records, &c., to be delivered to landowner
   44.     Records required by Director

   PART 8 - Miscellaneous

   45.     Registration of storage system
   46.     Defence
   47.     Exemptions on application
   48.     Exemptions at instigation of Director
   49.     Amendment of exemption
   50.     Costs of exemption
   51.     Further information
   52.     Loss detection protocols
   53.     EPA guidelines
   54.     Prescribed offences
           SCHEDULE 1

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