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This is a Bill, not an Act. For current law, see the Acts databases.


                     Western Australia

      Coroners Amendment Bill 2004


1.   Short title                          1
2.   The Act amended                      2
3.   Section 53A inserted                 2

                            276--1        page i
                           Western Australia

                      LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY

            Coroners Amendment Bill 2004

                               A Bill for

An Act to amend the Coroners Act 1996.

The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:

1.      Short title
        This Act may be cited as the Coroners Amendment Act 2004.

                                                              page 1
     Coroners Amendment Bill 2004

     s. 2

     2.       The Act amended
              The amendments in this Act are to the Coroners Act 1996*.
              [* Act No. 2 of 1996.
                 For subsequent amendments see Western Australian
5                Legislation Information Tables for 2003, Table 1, p. 81.]

     3.       Section 53A inserted
              Before section 54, the following section is inserted in Part 6 --
            53A.    State Coroner may provide information about
10                  deaths to human tissue donation agencies
              (1)   At the request of a human tissue donation agency, the
                    State Coroner may provide to that agency the following
                    information in respect of any deceased person whose
                    death there is jurisdiction to investigate under this
15                  Act --
                      (a) the deceased person's name;
                      (b) the deceased person's age;
                      (c) a brief description of the circumstances of
20                    (d) the name of the deceased person's senior next
                            of kin, or if that is not known, the name of any
                            of the person's next of kin under section 37(5);
                      (e) an address, telephone number or other contact
25                          details for the person whose name is provided
                            under paragraph (d).
              (2)   If information is provided under subsection (1) in a
                    document, then the human tissue donation agency to
                    which it was provided is to ensure that the document is
30                  destroyed within 2 days of it being so provided.

     page 2
                                      Coroners Amendment Bill 2004

                                                                   s. 3

     (3)   In this section --
           "human tissue donation agency" means an office or
                organisational unit which --
                (a) coordinates or encourages the donation of
5                     human tissue for transplantation in
                      accordance with the Human Tissue and
                      Transplant Act 1982; and
                (b) is within the department of the Public
                      Service principally assisting the Minister
10                    administering that Act.


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