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                  Western Australia

Industrial Relations Amendment Bill 2010


1.    Short title                          2
2.    Commencement                         2
3.    Act amended                          2
4.    Section 80E amended                  2

                      147 -- 1          page i
                           Western Australia

                     LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY

                   (Introduced by Mr Catania, MLA)

    Industrial Relations Amendment Bill 2010

                               A Bill for

An Act to amend the Industrial Relations Act 1979 by providing the
Public Service Arbitrator jurisdiction to enquire into or deal with, or
refer to the Commission in Court Session or the Full Bench, any
matter in respect of which a procedure referred to in section 97(1)(a)
of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 is, or may be, prescribed
under that Act.

The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:

                                                                 page 1
     Industrial Relations Amendment Bill 2010

     s. 1

 1   1.         Short title
 2              This is the Industrial Relations Amendment Act 2010.

 3   2.         Commencement
 4              This Act comes into operation upon Royal Assent.

 5   3.         Act amended
 6              This Act amends the Industrial Relations Act 1979.

 7   4.         Section 80E amended
 8        (1)   In section 80E(1) delete "and (7),".
 9        (2)   In section 80E(6) delete "but subject to subsection (7),".
10        (3)   Delete section 80E(7).



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