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This is a Bill, not an Act. For current law, see the Acts databases.


                    Western Australia

     Main Roads Amendment Bill 2001


1.   Short title                         1
2.   Commencement                        1
3.   The Act amended                     1
4.   Section 31 amended                  2

                                        page i
                          48 -- 1
                               Western Australia

                          LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY

                      (Introduced by Mr Trenorden, MLA)

              Main Roads Amendment Bill 2001

                                   A Bill for

    An Act to amend the Main Roads Act 1930.

    The Parliament of Western Australia enacts as follows:

    1.      Short title
            This Act may be cited as the Main Roads Amendment Act 2001.

    2.      Commencement
5           This Act comes into operation on a day fixed by proclamation.

    3.      The Act amended
            The amendments in this Act are to the Main Roads Act 1930.

                                                                    page 1
     Main Roads Amendment Bill 2001

     s. 4

     4.       Section 31 amended
              Section 31 (l)(c) is repealed and the following subsection
              inserted instead --
5                     (c)   Moneys paid by the Commonwealth to the
                            State, for the purposes of road construction
                            and maintenance, at a rate of 10.6 cents per
                            litre of fuel used in Western Australia;
                            whether by virtue of an Act of the
10                          Parliament of the Commonwealth or
                            otherwise; and


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