AustLII Guide to Legal Research on the Web

Legal Research on the Internet

The AustLII Guide to Worldwide Law on the Web

Version: 26 February 2003

Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray and Philip Chung

Graham Greenleaf, Co-Director, AustLII -

Andrew Mowbray, Co-Director, AustLII -

Philip Chung, Executive Director, AustLII -


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The text of the guide was written originally by Graham Greenleaf. This edition was produced with the assistance of Madeleine Davis.

The subject matter of this guide is to a large extent the internet searching, automated mark-up and indexing software written by Andrew Mowbray, Daniel Austin, Philip Chung, Geoffrey King, and other AustLII staff members and used by AustLII. It is also derived in parts from their user documentation for those programs.

Philip Chung

25 February 2003

Availability of, and copyright in, this Guide

This Guide is copyright, and permission to reproduce it must be obtained from the authors (subject to the Copyright Act 1968). Permission is hereby given for this Guide to be reproduced in its entirety for distribution to students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses in legal research, provided notice of such reproduction is sent by e-mail to AustLII’s ‘feedback’ address. Permission is also hereby given for individuals to make one copy of this Guide for their own personal use. This permission does not include distribution for any other purpose, including for any purposes related to continuing legal education courses, seminars or training courses, for which purposes express permission should be sought from the authors.

This Guide will be updated periodically. Please ensure that you have the most up-to-date version. In due course, a copy of the most up-to-date version will be available on-line from AustLII, for the purpose of on-line use, and for individuals to print their own copies. Please check ‘About AustLII ...’ to see if the on-line version is available.

Detailed Table of Contents