Victorian Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Objective  
   2.      Authorising provision  
   3.      Commencement  
   4.      Revocation  
   5.      Definitions  
   6.      Application  


   7.      Common seal  
   8.      Authority to regulate its own proceedings  
   9.      Meetings  
   10.     Minutes  


           Division 1--Discipline

   11.     Offences  
   12.     Penalties  
   13.     Investigation  
   14.     Laying of a charge  
   15.     Notification of hearing  
   16.     Chief Executive Officer to conduct hearing  
   17.     Chief Officer to conduct hearing  
   18.     Hearing of a charge  
   19.     Notice of decision  
   20.     Employee charged with criminal offence  
   21.     Employment and remuneration during period of suspension  

           Division 2--Appeals to the Commission

   22.     Notice of an appeal  
   23.     Procedures  
   24.     Notice of determination  
   25.     Payment on successful appeal against reduction in rank, classification or salary  
   26.     Payment on successful appeal against removal  


           Division 1--General

   27.     Application  
   28.     Foundation member of brigade  
   29.     Decision by majority vote  
   30.     Application for registration of brigades  
   31.     Application for formation or variation of a group  
   32.     Sufficient members and apparatus to remain in brigade area  
   33.     Brigade constitutions  
   34.     Group constitutions  
   35.     Uniforms and equipment  

           Division 2--Membership

   36.     Applications  
   37.     Enrolment of volunteers  
   38.     Probationary membership  
   39.     Cancellation of enrolment of member on probation  
   40.     Resignation  

           Division 3--Elections of officers of volunteer brigades and groups

   41.     Election of officers  

           Division 4--Conduct and duties of members

   42.     Physical fitness  
   43.     Training  
   44.     Offences  
   45.     Penalties  
   46.     Investigation  
   47.     Suspension  
   48.     Laying of a charge  
   49.     Hearing  
   50.     Hearing of a charge  
   51.     Notice of decision  
   52.     Establishment of Appeal Panel  
   53.     Right to appeal  
   54.     Setting down appeal  
   55.     Appeal conducted as re-hearing  
   56.     Conduct of appeal  
   57.     Determination and notification etc.  
   58.     Member charged with criminal offence  

           Division 5--Financial management

   59.     Appointment of secretary and treasurer  
   60.     Financial records must be kept  
   61.     Financial statements to be prepared and submitted to the Authority  
   62.     Authorisation to collect money  
   63.     Property of the brigade—deregistration  


   64.     Responsibilities of a forestry industry brigade  
   65.     Designation of areas  
   66.     Criteria for formation of forestry industry brigades  
   67.     Requirement for formation of forestry industry brigade  
   68.     Minimum requirements for apparatus  
   69.     Application for registration of a forestry industry brigade  
   70.     Operation of a forestry industry brigade  
   71.     Training  
   72.     Cancellation of forestry industry brigade  
   73.     Certain regulations not to apply to forestry industry brigades  


           Division 1--Compensation for members

   74.     Definitions  
   75.     Entitlement to compensation  
   76.     Property loss and damage  
   77.     Damages  
   78.     Making a claim  
   79.     Report by officer in charge  
   80.     Some personal injury claims may be lodged with Authority  
   81.     Authority may request report by officer in charge  
   82.     Transport accident  
   83.     Determination of claims  
   84.     Entitlement to compensation exists regardless of whether a member is a worker  
   85.     Average weekly earnings  
   86.     Interim payment  
   87.     Payment of medical expenses  
   88.     Medical certificates and examinations  
   89.     Duty to advise Authority  
   90.     Alteration of weekly payments by request  
   91.     Reduction of weekly payments  
   92.     Termination of weekly payments  
   93.     Procedure for increase, reduction or termination  
   94.     Redemption of weekly payments and medical expenses  

           Division 2--Compensation for casual fire-fighters and volunteer auxiliary workers

   95.     Claims procedure  
   96.     Duty of officer in charge  
   97.     Some claims for compensation may be lodged with Authority  
   98.     Authority may provide claim to officer in charge or brigade Secretary  
   99.     Authority may request report  


   100.    Fire protection charges  
   101.    Emergency attendances  
   102.    Property protection and loss mitigation services  
   103.    Road accident rescue  


           Division 1--Fire prevention committees

   104.    Election of representatives of groups of brigades on regional fire prevention committees  
   105.    Election of representatives of municipal councils to regional fire prevention committees  
   106.    Election of brigade representatives to municipal fire prevention committees  
   107.    Election of representatives of groups of brigades on municipal fire prevention committees  
   108.    Minutes of meetings  

           Division 2--Permits granted during a fire danger period

   109.    Grant of permits to burn  
   110.    Production of permit on demand  

           Division 3--Fire prevention measures

   111.    High fire risk activities  
   112.    Fire prevention notices  
   113.    Vehicular heat engines  
   114.    Non vehicular heat engines  
   115.    Sawmills  


   116.    Information in the case of an alarm pre-connection  
   117.    Information in the case of an alarm connection  
   118.    Information in the case of an alarm modification  
   119.    Information in the case of an alarm disconnection  
   120.    Information in the case of failure of alarm monitoring system  
   121.    Isolation and testing data  
   122.    Information for verification purposes  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7
           SCHEDULE 8
           SCHEDULE 9
           SCHEDULE 10
           SCHEDULE 11
           SCHEDULE 12
           SCHEDULE 13
           SCHEDULE 14
           SCHEDULE 15
           SCHEDULE 16

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