Victorian Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Objective  
   2.      Authorising provision  
   3.      Commencement  
   4.      Principal Regulations  
   5.      Definitions  
   6.      Determinations of Authority  
   7.      Documents incorporated as in force from time to time  
   8.      New regulation 1.2.5 inserted  
   9.      Provision of information, instruction and training  
   10.     Record of inspections and maintenance  
   11.     Lifts  
   12.     Information, instruction and training  
   13.     New regulation 3.5.45A inserted  
   14.     Registration of plant designs  
   15.     Plant designs to be registered  
   16.     Altered plant designs to be registered  
   17.     Registration of items of plant  
   18.     Employer must not use unlicensed employees to do high risk work  
   19.     Exceptions  
   20.     Preparation of MSDS  
   21.     Currency of MSDS  
   22.     Requirement to hold carcinogens licence  
   23.     Training record  
   24.     Training record  
   25.     Information to go to Authority  
   26.     Application of Subdivision  
   27.     Regulation 5.1.25 revoked  
   28.     Inquiry before making determination  
   29.     Report of health surveillance  
   30.     Notice to Authority  
   31.     Information, instruction and training  
   32.     Time for processing the application  
   33.     Fee to be paid before a licence can be granted  
   34.     Application for the renewal of a high risk work licence  
   35.     Transfer of authorising jurisdiction on renewal of high risk work licence  
   36.     Fee to be paid before carcinogens licence can be renewed  
   37.     Application of Part 6.2 (Registration)  
   38.     Regulation 6.2.8 revoked  
   39.     Division 3 of Part 6.2 revoked  

           Division 3--of Part 6.2 (Registration) of the Principal Regulations is revoked.

   40.     Exemptions in relation to high risk work  
   41.     Who may apply for an exemption  
   42.     Grounds on which an exemption (other than in relation to high risk work) may be granted  
   43.     Grounds on which an exemption in relation to high risk work may be granted  
   44.     Plant  
   45.     Hazardous substances—MSDS  
   46.     Asbestos  
   47.     Major hazard facilities  
   48.     References to Acts  
   49.     New Part 8.3 inserted  
   50.     Schedule 2 substituted  
   51.     Schedule 3—High Risk Work—Licence classes  
   52.     Schedule 4—High Risk Work—Pressure Equipment for which Licence Is Not Required  
   53.     New Schedules 5A and 5B inserted  

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