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AustLII's third lunchtime Research Seminar will be presented by Filippo Galgani of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW, on the topic Combining Different Summarization Techniques for Legal Text. Details of the Seminar Topic are below.

Date: Tuesday 3 July 2012
Time: 12:00 - 1:00
Venue: AustLII Offices, Level 12, Building 10, 235-253 Jones Street, Ultimo - see map

RSVP by Friday 29 June 2012 to Cathy Quigley Tel: 02 9514 4921 or Email:

Please advise Cathy if you wish to be on the mailing list for future seminars.

Seminar Details

Topic: Combining Different Summarization Techniques for Legal Text
Speaker: Filippo Galgani, PhD candidate, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW
Duration: The seminar lasts for an hour, including 20 minutes for discussion.


Summarization, like other natural language processing tasks, is tackled with a range of different techniques - particularly machine learning approaches, where human intuition goes into attribute selection and the choice and tuning of the learning algorithm. Such techniques tend to apply differently in different contexts, so this presentation is of a hybrid approach. A number of different summarization techniques are combined in a rule-based system using manual knowledge acquisition, where human intuition, supported by data, specifies not only attributes and algorithms, but the contexts where these are best used. We apply this approach to automatic summarization of legal case reports. We show how a preliminary knowledge base, composed of only 23 rules, already outperforms competitive baselines.

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